The company's marketing principle::
High moral standards, quality medicine within affordability and “innovation” wins the future.

A man may be honest only when he has a good heart. A good personality means a good heart, good behavior, and good humanness. We believe only good people can make good drugs.

For a pharmaceutical company in the development stage, the product quality is the basis. You can find our spirit and core values; we emphasize innovation in our culture for new development and a new future.

We look out on a very large world, and development on knowledge, so that caring about human health and ensure the customer’s benefits is our first mission. We are loyal to our promises, and work our best to achieve high performance. Besides always focusing first on human health, we also want to expand business around the world and return to society. Human health is our first orientation, profit would be its thereafter logical sequence. Principally we designed ourselves to produce,
"Quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices and making medicines accessible to mass population."
Corporate Strategy - Rapid Globalization of company's Business through consolidation in the existing markets and expansion into new markets. Our focus regions for growth include Asia, Latin America, Central America and Caribbean Islands.

New product, new market and new demand is a cycle, and also a consistently improving process .We are always trying to develop new products, new markets and to satisfy new demands, including new improvements, developments and enhancements to the current product, market and demand .We will do all these things to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases with total customer satisfaction.

We are responsible to the society. We shall be good corporate citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices.

" Marketing values :
  • Provide integrated services of high quality to our clients
  • To keep a focus on our client's objectives at all times.
  • To stay on the cutting edge of knowledge in our various areas of expertise.
  • To maximise the benefit of each person's experience by promoting teamwork.
  • To be flexible, responsible and strategic in finding ways to help clients meet their goals.
  • To maintain open communication with our clients.