Supply Chain Management Facility ::  
Supply Chain Management activities at the manufacturing plant mainly include: Production Planning / Inventory Control / Warehousing / Information Technology. It coordinates with the Procurement Division for timely availability of inputs and with Marketing Department to make all products available timely, as per the requirements, and distribution of products to C & F Agents all over the country, and of finished goods to Cargo Handling Agents for exports.  
Production Planning and Control :: It is one of the core functions of all the manufacturing activities . Activities include -  
  • Production Planning
  • Indent of raw material and packaging material.
  • Inventory monitoring to meet with marketing requirements.
Raw Material Stores :: RM Stores has 100% controlled environment storage for active and inactive raw materials. Dispensing of raw material as per prevailing cGMP norms and SOPs.

Facilities ::
  • Areas like Receipt, Under Test and Approved raw materials.
  • 2 Separate Sampling Booths with Reverse Laminar Air Flow System.
  • 2 Dispensing Booths with Reverse Laminar Air Flow System.
Packing Material Store ::  
  • area for Receipt/ Under test and Approved Materials
  • All packaging materials are stored as per cGMP guidelines and procedures laid down in SOPs.
  • Maintaining controlled environment for primary packaging materials.
  • Dispensing batch-wise as per SOPs.
Bonded Store Room (BSR) ::  
  • Formulations and API are kept in BSR in controlled environmental conditions.
  • Facilities are also available for cold chain products
  • The finished products are dispatched from BSR to Duty Paid Store for Domestic sales after compliance of Central Excise Duty formalities.
  • Dispatches of finished goods to Cargo Handling Agents for Exports
Duty Paid Store (DP Store) ::   
  • Storage facility available for controlled condition and cold chain products.
  • Country wide 22 C & F Agents catered by DP stores.
  • Promotional inputs dispatches to concerned Marketing Field Force.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Store (API Store) ::   
  • Activities similar to raw materials stores of formulation plant are undertaken
  • Caters to the requirements of API manufacturing facilities.
  • Handles bulk storage of various chemicals, solvents and hazardous materials
  • Facility available to store the RMs in controlled environment
  • Utmost care, safety precautions to maintain better working conditions.
Information Technology (I.T.) ::  
  • Helps to maintain manufacturing and distribution activities.
  • EIS and MIS reports generated for analysis and decision making