Production Unit ::
To serve the sufferings humanity Marksman Pharmaceuticals marches ahead with qualitative approach in terms of innovatives medical productions under absolute deserving WHO Certification guaranteeing Safe Recovery & Sure Recovery for Everybody.

With strong economic backup and latest technical know-how completely supported with loyally dedicated machines as well as manpower, the Company posses enormous confidence and deligently looks forward to become a value based Pharmaceutical Company producing the quality that matches international standard with ultra-modern production facility the plant is situated at Genda, Savar, Dhaka.

We have been steadfastly showing the basics of Innovation, Quality and Service to reap excellence.

Innovation: Means thinking differently and it has been the key drive for our growth.

"Faith is an intuition, not only waiting for experience to justify it, but leading towards experience."

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of manufacturing a broad range of Dosage forms starting from Tablets including dispersible Tablets and Sustained release Tablets, Suspension, powder for suspensions, effervescent Granules, Direct compression granules, Topical gels and creams and others.

Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals with effective quality management is of paramount importance to MPL’s success. Our manufacturing sites are all regularly evaluated internally and inspected by regulatory authorities to ensure that finished products have the desired identity, strength, quality and purity.  
We specialize in the manufacturing of the following Dosage forms:  
Encapsulated Formulations:  
We manufacture Encapsulated Formulations which not only facilitate the dissolution of drugs, but can also change their pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution and therefore facilitate their uptake by specific tissues and internalization by target cells.  
Effervescent Granules:  
These are coarse to very coarse powders containing a medicinal agent in a dry mixture usually composed of an acidic or an alkaline effervescent agent.  
Capsules are also manufactured in automated machines that handle the entire process from filling to polishing without any human intervention.  
Production is carried out in dedicated manufacturing areas for different therapeutic categories under AHU systems having 5-micron filters. We use state-of-the-art packaging equipment using cold forming blisters to maintain product stability.

At marksman Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. we understand and value the responsibility towards building a healthy and disease free society.

You can rely on us to provide you with the finest quality finished formulations as we are strongly committed to WHO-GMP approved Drug manufacturing for overseas markets.  
Tablet Facility ::  
Tablet facility: Modernized / Upgraded to Meet International Standards.
Department has following Hygiene Zones:
'O' Area - Products exposed to environment
'E' Area - Products in close containers
Entry from 'E' to 'O' area is restricted by separate gowning procedure.
Area-wise personnel and material movement through separate air lock.
All manufacturing area has 100% fresh air to avoid cross contamination.

  • Wet Granulation
  • Dry Compaction / Granulation
  • Pellet Coating
  • Film Coating
  • Enteric Coating
  • Sugar Coating
  • Bilayer Tablet
  Mechanical Sifter 3 100 Kg / Hr
  Commniting mill 2 100 Kg / Hr
  Drum Blender 1 100 Kg
  Jacketed Planetory Mixer 2  
  Rapid Mixer & Granulators 1 100 Kg / Hr
  Roll Compactor 1 100 Kg / Hr
  Fluid Bed Dryers 1 80 Kg
  Cage Blenders 1 80 Kg
  Turbo Sifters 1  
  Fluidized Bed Processor    
  (Glatt Gmbh) 1 200 Lit
  Lifting & Positioning    
  Device 1/1 160 Kg. / 300 Kg
  Tipplers 2 150 Kg / Hr
  Compression Machines 8 6.0 Million Tabs
  Coaters 1 300 Kg